Tasmine Graffy achieves Chartered Status!

We are delighted to share that Tasmine Graffy, has passed her Chartership following her Professional Interview last week.

Tas joined LHC Design back in 2015 as an architectural technologist after she graduated with a BA Honours degree in Architectural Technology and the Environment from Plymouth University. Her tenacity and attention to detail were clear from the start, so it was just a matter of us providing the additional knowledge, support, and opportunity to see her thrive.

We talked to Director – Glayne Price and fellow MCIAT, about Tas’s journey at LHC Design

Leaving University was always just the start of Tas’s journey into architectural technology. There would be plenty more to come! The benefits of mentoring and support within a business are key to ensuring your team feels encouraged to self-develop within the surroundings of a supportive and helpful environment, something we strive for at LHC Design.

Tas is a prime example of our approach, having been supported by other seniors within the Practice, including Technical Associate Sean Johnson (now retired) and, more recently, myself.

Sean was instrumental in offering guidance and assistance to Tas during the past 8 years with LHC Design. However, as time has gone on, she has continued to grow and has always been looking to push her own limits whilst (importantly!) also understanding them. With Sean having retired earlier this year, it is fantastic to see Tas stepping up and offering support to others around her.

As a fellow MCIAT, I know firsthand how mentoring can help individuals flourish, having gone through a similar process during my own career (albeit without the degree), and I was delighted to be able to offer guidance in the run-up to Tasmine’s Professional Interview.

I also offer support to CIAT, the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists, by being part of the Professional Interview Panel during the year, though clearly not this one! I was able to provide direction to Tas throughout the process and understand how daunting the Professional Interview can be. I was able to reassure Tas that she was more than ready to go through this final part and become chartered.

LHC Design will continue to support members of the team in their careers – and we know that Tas will have much to offer as part of that process, too!

Congratulations, Tasmine Graffy MCIAT!