About Us

We are LHC Design

We create places for a better future through intelligent, cultural, and sustainable design. As a team of architects and designers with over 30 years in practice, we offer expertise across the entire placemaking and design process. We are driven by our purpose of creating places that enrich people’s lives and support local communities, whilst addressing the global challenge of climate change.

Our Approach

Design in Partnership

We use partnerships to steer each of our projects on a clear course to deliver shared goals. We listen to the needs of clients and communities to ensure our designs are culturally responsive. We value and nurture our relationships to build lasting connections. We pride ourselves in offering a friendly and approachable service.

Providing a Holistic Service

We take a holistic approach to design that is enabled by our resourceful multi-disciplinary teams. We combine our knowledge to provide a high-quality service that is greater than the sum of its parts. We endeavour to see the bigger picture.

Creating Compelling Visions and Beautiful Designs

We believe in developing compelling design narratives to help articulate the unique concept and vision of each scheme. We create beautiful designs that are informed by a deep understanding of place and respond to the unique characteristics of each site.

Using Intelligence and Technology

We combine our creativity with technology to optimise environments. By using state-of-the-art software, we can bring designs to life, innovate and test design performance.

Delivering a Green and Healthy future

We are passionate about reducing our impact on the planet. We are committed to ensuring our approach to design addresses the climate and biodiversity emergency and delivers healthy placemaking.