Rebecca Thurgood joins Design West

We are delighted to announce that our associate director, Rebecca Thurgood, has been invited to join the review panel at Design West. We are proud to have her represent LHC Design in this important role.

Over more than two decades in practice, Rebecca has designed and delivered noteworthy residential, mixed-use, and community projects across London, the South East, and the South West regions. By employing a collaborative approach to overcome obstacles and unlock the full potential of often challenging sites, her mission is to champion improved quality standards in housing design and placemaking.

Design review is an independent and impartial evaluation process in which a panel of experts ensure our built environment is carefully assessed and refined. The projects that Design Review deals with are usually of public significance.

The Design West review panel evaluate proposed designs and assess their compliance with aesthetic, functional, sustainable and contextual considerations. This process is crucial for improving design standards, promoting innovation, and ensuring we contribute positively to the built environment.

The Government promotes the use of design review through the National Planning Policy Framework which acknowledges the role of local design review panels in the pursuit of high standards in urban design.

I am thrilled that Design West has invited me to join its volunteer team of professionals delivering design reviews across the South West. I’ve laid down roots in Devon and want to make a positive difference in the place I call home.

For me, the design review process is fundamental in supporting local authorities, designers and their clients to deliver the best possible development outcomes and create sustainable communities.  The process raises the bar regarding response to context, design quality and placemaking.  The process still has so much to teach me too.I am looking forward to the opportunity and the challenge presented by serving communities in the South West as a panel member for Design West.”

Rebecca Thurgood | LHC Design

Design West have a critical role to play across the South West in addressing the big challenges of today, from the climate crisis, to sustainable development, economic growth and the development of healthy, inclusive cities & neighbourhoods.

With the housing crisis high on the agenda, they are delighted to welcome Rebecca to their Design Review panel.

“Rebecca’s collaborative design experience will ensure that local developments, councils and ultimately local people benefit from her knowledge and skills.”

Julie Tanner | Design West