Celebrating National Apprenticeship Week 2023

In celebration of National Apprenticeship Week 2023, we caught up with our own Digital Engineering Apprentice – Ethan Hunt.

Apprenticeships offer a different type of career path to those who head straight to university, with a chance to learn skills in the real world from the outset and the opportunity to earn a salary.

Ethan joined us after completing his A levels at Hele School, He is undertaking his Apprenticeship via a distance learning course with the Learning Skills Partnership which is a gateway qualification to Associate Membership of CIAT

Ethan said he choose this route as he felt after A levels, he couldn’t see himself in a career related to any of the subjects he had completed.

He has always had a deep interest in the design and development of construction projects.

The ever-changing career path and its developing environment allow him to be constantly learning and extending his usefulness.


What is it really like to be an Apprentice?

Working as an apprentice is one of the most rewarding yet challenging experiences I’ve ever had. I’ve delved into many topics and used this knowledge in the work I complete. The work is tough, you’re new to the field but over time you will experience a deep understanding of each individual topic you learn; due to your experience and the amazing teachers you will have.

What are you enjoying most about your time with LHC Design?

Working with people within LHC has made being an apprentice so exciting, they are always there to help, with their vast knowledge and incredible work ethic. I don’t think I could have asked for a better team to work with.

 What is the best way to support an Apprentice?

From my experience the best way to support an apprentice is to always ensure that they know your will always be there to help. I’ve asked so many questions whilst at LHC Design, and they have always been answered by anyone in the team, which has just made me enjoy the work I’m doing even more!

What advice would you give to people considering an Apprenticeship?

Don’t think it’s going to be easy. If you do, it could damage you learning and create  unnecessary stress, Keep on top of work and enjoy it.