Marjons design code underway

The implementation of a long-term masterplan for the University of St Mark and St John in Plymouth has begun with the development of a new design code which includes a wayfinding and signage strategy.

The design code, which is being steered by Graphic Design Associate, Phil Sanders, will allow the Marjons team to roll out new signage, wayfinding, furniture and fittings, materials and interior specification while improving and maintaining consistency of brand and appearance.


Working with the University to understand their needs, Phil is part of a multi-skilled LHC team which is looking at remodelling the existing buildings and interiors, designing new spaces and landscaping. Phil said;

“The new signage is part of a larger strategy to transform the consistency of the Marjons brand across the site. The current estate has grown gradually which has resulted in many variants and inconsistencies. This is a great opportunity to make a tangible difference with some interim signage and to provide the college with a design toolkit for the future.”