Emmet Hanley

Senior Project Architect

Emmet’s broad experience is evident in the scale of projects he delivers, from strategic master planning and multi-million-pound leisure projects to designing and manufacturing bespoke furniture and remodelling his family home.

Recently running multiple projects involving new build crematoria across the UK, these sensitively designed spaces for feeling and healing need to be physically as well as emotionally impressive.

His time spent working at a large international practice has allowed him to share his invaluable experience in the leisure sector. Here, he became a key member of the team tasked with designing and delivering an Olympic standard training facility – Plymouth Life Centre.

With extensive experience in designing custom homes for private clients across the Southwest he delivers carefully considered and meticulously detailed buildings. He has also led heritage-based initiatives in collaboration with Historic England and other consultants, dedicated to preserving, enhancing, and sensitively modifying Listed assets for clients.