Taunton Garden Town

In 2017, Taunton was awarded Garden Town status, making it the first town in the South West to be awarded this status by the government. LHC’s graphics team were approached by Architecture Centre Devon & Cornwall to design a Vision document for the Taunton Garden Town project for their client, Somerset West & Taunton Council.

The Vision document establishes a brand identity for the project, and outlines the key themes and aims at the heart of Somerset West & Taunton Council’s plan to establish itself as the benchmark Garden Town, while providing stakeholders with an important source of information.


Vision Document Branding & Design


Somerset West & Taunton Council





Summer 2019

The brief was to design a booklet that would give the Garden Town Vision its own identity; developing a distinctive look and feel, but one which maintained a visual link to Somerset West & Taunton Council.

The Vision uses illustrations, diagrams and text to demonstrate the Council’s aspirations for Taunton. It explains how they want to help support healthier, happier and sustainable communities for future generations to enjoy and transform the town into a great place to live and work.

The aim is for the town to be a flourishing, distinctive and healthy place where residents enjoy an exceptional quality of life. With new vibrant communities, a bustling town centre and a thriving economy, Taunton will be a place to be proud of.