Residential Landscape Design


Our team provide landscape designs for a range of residential developers and house builders across the country. We deliver healthy, biodiverse, and sustainable landscapes to support the creation of new liveable neighbourhoods.









Design Approach

We advocate a landscape-led approach to design and use our experience and creativity to develop well conceived landscape and Green Infrastructure Strategies for new neighbourhoods. Our landscape schemes respond to the individual character of each site and seek to protect and enhance important landscape features, whilst providing a variety of landscape spaces to deliver rich and liveable environments. Our planting schemes deliver sensory, biodiverse and maintainable planting to enhance the landscape setting.

Sustainability Approach

We take a holistic approach to landscape design and seek to enhance the landscape character and quality in all of our schemes. We work in collaboration with project partners to integrate SUDs systems within the landscape and to maximize biodiversity gain through retention of important landscape features and provision of new planting. Our team are experienced in assisting within Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) assessments and are able to offer Building with Nature (BWN) assessments.

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