Welcome Simone!

Get to know Simone, the newest addition to our Cornwall and Plymouth Studios!  An architectural technologist with an impressive background, she’s sure to bring a unique perspective and a diverse set of skills. Let us introduce you:

Architecture sparked Simone’s curiosity as a young girl. While living with her parents in her home country of Brazil she discovered a floor plan of their apartment complex and was captivated by the knowledge at her fingertips!

After she completed her studies, she left Brazil for the bright lights of New York City, before briefly returning to Brazil and then eventually settling in the UK with her young family. Throughout her travels she continued to develop her experience in drafting, detailing, and developing design proposals.

She loves puzzles and problem-solving. Taking immense pleasure in technical details and making sure that all the elements of the buildings we design work cohesively. She enjoys creating spaces that are intuitive at a functional level, in tandem with interior design, where atmosphere and lighting have such a profound impact.

Simone appreciates the design freedom in the UK in contrast to Brazil where every place has a rigid set of design parameters, on the flip side in Brazil a project will always be approved providing it meets the standards laid out! Undoubtedly, she finds the protracted nature of planning in UK frustrating at times!

In her spare time, she enjoys nothing better than family time in the kitchen cooking diverse cuisine, including one of her favourites -Salt Cod, a speciality of Portuguese origin. With a sporty nature, she enjoys the great outdoors, regularly camping, hiking, and travelling with her family – seeing new places, meeting new people, and above all – trying new food!