Launch of the Wisloe Design Code

It is with great pleasure that we launch the Wisloe Design Code!

LHC Design have enjoyed collaborating with Stantec, Savills and Distinctive Communications to develop the Masterplan and Design Code to bring this new Garden Village to life.

Residents of Wisloe will have access to facilities and services within a 15-minute walk of their homes. Existing residents of Slimbridge and Cambridge currently must use a car to access the most basic services.

The innovative masterplan will provide access to shops, schools, community facilities, and a direct rail connection to Gloucester and Bristol. The new settlement supports a healthy lifestyle and active travel, with a design that lends itself to both walking and cycling.

By providing natural green spaces, sports facilities and play areas, the green infrastructure strategy will make it possible for residents to be in touch with nature on a daily basis. While the character of the Severn estuary will be reflected through a connected system of wetlands that manage surface water. Providing distinctive habitats and enhancing biodiversity.

Together The Ernest Cooke Trust and Gloucestershire County Council have ensured that the Stewardship Strategy for the site retains landscape and community assets. These assets will be retained by and for the benefit of the communities they serve.