Meet Wendy!

Wendy, and her magical chameleon hair provide a warm welcome to all who arrive at our Plymouth studio! she delights us with her stories, and we know we can count on her candid approach, and ability to make us giggle.

Responsible for the day to day running of the Office, she is also one of our audit superstars, refining the backbone of what we do and why we do it, she helps us to continually improve productivity and working methods.

She also manages our comprehensive Quality Management Systems and is helping us to develop ISO 14001, an important environmental management system that helps organizations improve their environmental performance.

Wendy’s background includes youth work, running a huge community centre and her own sign language business to name a few. She is passionate about diversity and inclusion and is dedicated to ensuring everyone in the business feels seen, heard and supported.

A creative soul, she finds great pleasure in her hobbies including silversmithing, which allows her to create objects imbued with meaning. She is a keen observer and is fascinated by the microcosm, finding texture and pattern an endless source of inspiration.

We always know Wendy has our back and will champion our wellbeing.