One donation, twice the impact for nature in Devon with The Big Give

LHC’s 2021 charity, The Devon Environment Foundation, is excited to be part of The Big Give‘s Christmas Challenge 2021.

During the week of 30 November to 7 December 2021, every pound donated via The Big Give website will be doubled* – meaning you can DOUBLE your impact for nature in Devon this festive season.

There are so many incredible grassroots groups in Devon delivering vital Nature-based Solutions to tackle the climate and nature emergencies.

Since DEF’s launch in July 2020, they have supported 18 brilliant projects, awarding more than £220,000 of grants.

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Here are some examples of groups we have recently awarded grants to:

Wildlife Wardens – providing training and resources to empower local volunteers to create more space for wildlife habitat in their communities, such as ponds, hedges, meadows, untidy verges/churchyards, etc.

Regenerative School – growing the next generation of regenerative farmers who will go on to tenant/own land and move the needle on land-use in Devon over the coming decade.

River Wildlife Corridors & Beavers – creating nature corridors along rivers to enable more wildlife to travel/thrive. Rewilding river edges protects the water from run-off and pollution while providing habitat; while beavers are nature’s engineers, creating wonderful carbon rich and biodiverse wetlands and joy for anyone who is lucky to see them.

Seaweed Farming – helping to kickstart a pioneering start-up aiming to prove the economic, social and environmental benefits of seaweed farming. Environmentally they include carbon sequestration and providing habitat /nursery for juvenile fish.

Till the Coast is Clear – adventure beach cleaning activities to reach the parts of the coast that other cleaners can’t reach, engaging the community and having fun while cleaning up plastic pollution.

However, they are currently oversubscribed with projects applying for grants from DEF and don’t have enough funds available to support them all.

You can help even more amazing, tangible, impactful action happen at a grassroots level here in Devon by supporting our Christmas Challenge campaign. ARE YOU READY TO GIVE BACK TO NATURE?

Find out more about DEF’s ‘Christmas Challenge’ here, and make ONE donation with TWICE the impact between midday Tuesday 30 November and midday Tuesday 7 December 2021 (via card payment) using the link below.

On behalf of DEF and all our project partners, we are very grateful for your support!* DEF’s target is to raise £7,500 between 30 November and 7 December 2021 to access our full match fund pot of £7,500 and raise a total of £15,000 for grassroots Nature-based Solutions in Devon.

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