We’re Wild About Devon, are you?

LHC Design is helping the Devon Environment Foundation to raise money and awareness for Wild About Devon, a fund to support local communities take action for wildlife, combat the ecological and climate emergencies in their own neighbourhood and contribute to a nature recovery network across Devon.

Many community groups want to take action, but need small amounts of money to get started by buying in advice, training or equipment… anything from a rake, to a moth trap or beekeeping manual. The aim of the Wild About Devon fund is to plug this gap and provide small grants to help kickstart activity.

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The Wild About Devon website is already up-and-running, bringing together guidance from a wide range of partners such as the Woodland Trust, Devon Wildlife Trust, Devon Living Churchyards and Devon Birds – BUT they can only provide general advice not financial support to community groups.

With a grant from the Devon Environment Foundation this could change. If we all contribute we could soon see new wildflower meadows, beehives, wildlife wardens, ponds, and much improved and connected habitats spring up around the county.



For more info on Wild About Devon visit www.devonlnp.org.uk/take-action/communities/

Wild About Devon is overseen by Devon County Council’s Ecology team which co-ordinates the Local Nature Partnership (LNP). Devon Environment Foundation would like to provide the LNP with £6500 of funding to create the new Wild About Devon funding pot. LHC Design has pledged to do all we can to help them reach this total.

The funding pot would be administered by Devon Communities Together, as they have the skills, resource, and infrastructure in place to administer small grants to community groups.