Graham Devine reelected as RIBA Councillor for South West

LHC Director, Graham Devine, has been elected for another three year term as RIBA Councillor for the South West Region.

Graham originally joined the RIBA Council in 2017 and during his first term has been elected by the Council to sit on the RIBA Board and also to sit on the RIBA nominations committee. Graham’s aspirations for his next term on the Council in his own words, taken from his election statement:

The RIBA has a once in a generation opportunity to invest and undertake key strategic projects that will benefit all members. I will be your voice ensuring that:

The RIBA continues to show leadership in Climate Action and challenging the Housing Crisis.

The value of the architect is understood by our clients and wider public and the profession puts clear ground between it and the those that undermine us drawing the profession into a race to the bottom.

The RIBA’s rich cultural offer is accessible to all and events held at 66 Portland Place are live streamed to all regions.

The RIBA invests in Architecture.com and RIBA Academy to deliver a rich and varied platform that provides high-quality member focussed resources regardless of geographic location.

To hold the RIBA President to the stated aspiration to make inclusion a key part of the RIBA to ensure inclusive access to architecture and architectural education.

Through my engagement in local branch and South West Regional Council, my role on local Design Review Panels, as an associate tutor at University of Plymouth and as a Director of LHC Design I am able to hear the voices of architects here in the South West and ensure they resonate as part of the national debate and activity.”

Graham added:

I’m delighted to be elected once again and proud to represent our voice at RIBA Council to ensure that the great changes that the RIBA has made deliver on their potential for a strong, relevant membership organisation that understands and meets the need of ALL its members.

Voting in the RIBA Elections is now open so I’d like to encourage other SW members to vote for President. Link to voting site below. Voting closes at 5pm on 4 August.