Spotlight on: Graphic Design & Visualisation

This month we’re turning the spotlight on our Graphic Design & Visualisation Team, which is now one of LHC’s five core services – architecture, urban design, landscape, graphics and interiors.

When we changed our name to LHC Design in October, it was to better reflect the creative, multi-disciplinary practice that we’ve become. So, as we unveil our refreshed logo created by the team, let us introduce you to the people, their skills and the tech below… and watch a showreel of recent projects.


Phil Sanders is an LHC Associate and leads a team of six designers. He’s a talented and creative designer with an impressive breadth of knowledge in communication design and the latest software for the architectural sector. He has been instrumental in establishing this successful, standalone service over the last three years. Phil’s team works on all LHC projects, but also undertakes work for other developers and architects. Phil has been with LHC for 12 years, and we’re all looking forward to celebrating in June when he will marry Amy, our Senior Urban Designer. Connect with Phil on LinkedIn

Phil has assembled a team around him with a complimentary set of skills and expertise:



Theo Chronis is our 3D Visualisation specialist. With a background as a fine artist, 3D artist and art tutor, he is at the forefront of interactive modelling, augmented and virtual reality in the region. With Theo’s skills, LHC is developing brand new ways of immersing the viewer in a building, a development or landscape. His particular expertise is in going beyond the industry standard modelling programs, and employing games engine software to animate and enhance how we can interact with a model. Theo settled in Devon in 2015 after moving here from Greece with his family. Connect with Theo on LinkedIn


Oliver Lang joined us in 2018. He is also a 3D Visualiser with a degree and a particular skill in game design. Along with Theo, he is working to integrate game mechanics and game principles into non-game contexts, to add layers of interactivity to our models, and to make them run on touch screen and app platforms. Oliver relocated from Scotland to join LHC and is the owner of Riley, one of our three, beautiful office dogs.


Alex Wilson is a Graphic Designer who recently joined the team from strategic branding agency Felt – working on campaigns for such as BMW Mini and the rebranding of the United Nations’ campaign to ‘Roll Back Malaria’ – and a period as a freelance designer. His strengths and contribution to the LHC team include working across a wide range of design disciplines and markets in an agency environment, looking at the whole brand picture. Alex graduated from Falmouth University and lives, and plays a keen game of badminton, in Ashburton.


Adam Lee is an Assistant Graphic Designer who joined LHC from Exeter College in 2015. Adam is a talented all-rounder, able to turn his hand to traditional printed graphics, illustrative masterplans, planning applications and public consultation exhibition material. Adam is currently taking a Graphic Design degree on a part-time basis, supported by LHC.


Filippo Rossi joined LHC as a member of the graphics team, but as he’s also a qualified architect in his native Italy, he brings with him an additional skillset and divides his time between architectural and graphic design. Adept at bringing to life architectural illustrations and masterplans, Filippo is also currently teaching LHC staff to speak Italian in hilarious lunchtime lessons.


See one of our latest projects – a computer generated interior tour – below.