Can you help us to create The Castle for the kids at Devonport Park?

LHC’s chosen charity for 2018 is Routeways and we’ve been raising money all year culminating in our Dartmoor Challenge.

But that’s not all we want to do for this brilliant organisation. We also want to transform an area of their Devonport Park Activity Centre known as The Castle and we need some help to turn it into a space worthy of the name!

Routeways has been operating locally for over 20 years, delivering a range of services for children and families at risk of social exclusion. From their headquarters in Devonport Park they deliver fun, challenging activities offering access to a natural environment in the heart of the city.

Devonport Park is separated into several areas that each support different aspects of learning such as basic safety and cooking; nurturing imagination through play and social interactions; growing food and work skills.

The Castle is used as a play and storytelling space to promote development of autonomous play, imagination, listening and social skills. We’ve chosen this area because it’s a multi-functional space with lots of potential. The area has developed in a piecemeal fashion and would benefit from a complete overhaul to make it both accessible, safe and able to fulfil its potential.

At the very least it needs a new storytelling chair, benches and new paving to increase accessibility throughout the year.  It also needs to be connected to the rest of the site with level access.


LHC’s architecture and landscape teams have developed designs to transform The Castle. The designs are ready to go, and we’re happy to roll our sleeves up. We now need your help to put the plans into action.

If you can help us out with time, labour or materials such as timber, bricklaying skills, paving, carpentry or anything else which comes to mind please email Josef Horner at jhorner@ply.wordpress-647334-3719736.cloudwaysapps.com. Jo is an architect in our Plymouth studio and is co-ordinating the project.

To download our full leaflet please click here.

Press & PR

While there’s no guarantee of coverage, we hope the project will catch the interest of local media. The whole team will be included in all communications. News releases with ‘before’ shots and plans. Launch event/press opening ceremony. Content shared on social media. A blog on which we’ll update progress. Here’s a final word from Mark Collings of Routeways:

Thank you so much for coming yesterday, to say we were gobsmacked is an understatement! Rose was absolutely delighted with the ideas, as are all of us. Thank you so much to everyone who had input into the ideas. The space is so versatile and hits all of our needs around being able to stimulate imagination.