‘Class-leading’ pharmaceutical manufacturing unit opened

The PMU, the South Devon pharmacy manufacturing unit designed for Torbay Pharmaceuticals, has been officially opened by Sir Richard Ibbotson, Chairman of Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust.

LHC delivered a 78,000 sq ft building which was designed to accommodate the latest technology and equipment required to provide a modern, class-leading pharmaceutical facility. The PMU develops and makes a wide range of medicinal products which are then sold to and used by all NHS hospitals and healthcare organisations across the UK and the world.

Work began to prepare the site back in March 2013. Since the building’s physical completion back in December 2014, rigorous testing has taken place. With the regulatory requirements being met, the building is now approved and fully operational.

The PMU is an example of LHC’s skills in designing high-specification, commercial buildings including general manufacturing, clean environments, laboratories, and office spaces.

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